About us

Welcome to Boss Chainz!

Our goal is to help you live the luxurious life with our selection of chains and pendants. You can rock these dope chains without breaking the bank! We offer exclusive and high-quality Gold Plated Chains which are the best alternative to real Solid Gold chains. Side by side, you can't tell the difference! However the different in the price is HUGE. A regular Solid Gold Chain can be at least $1,200 and Gold Chain with Real Diamonds can be as much as $50,000. 

That is why we are offering you alternative high quality chains which are Gold Plated and use Alternate Diamonds (Cubic Zirconia).

That being said, we do offer 100% REAL Solid Gold Chains as well. These are certified gold chains that come with a warranty and 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. 


If you any questions/concerns please e-mail us at support@bosschainz.com.


It's time to step yo' bling game up.

- The Boss Chainz Team